Enterprise Summer Grant

Univeristy Of Sheffield
  • My prject was awarded a summer grant from Santander Universities to develop the idea and research the market.

  • I was responsible for the technical part of the project and team management. Technical part mainly involved programming in the Android Studio and creating backend using Google Cloud.

  • During 8 weeks the majority of the application was programmed, team improved technical and marketing skills as well as market research was conducted.

July 2020 - September 2020

Research Assistant Internship

AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Building a chatbot based on speech-to-text understanding the intents with entities and the context. Used such technologies and Python libraries as: Rasa, IBM Watson, ChatterBot and Google Dialogflow(Python & JSON). For speech-to-text the Python library SpeechRecognition & PyAudio were used.

  • Creating a feature in BandReader app to process, save, display data and transfer the output of the ECG from the BITalino device (Java & Android Studio, BITalino API)

  • Data analysis from the human emotion project created by the university graduates and project maintenance. Using Microsoft Face and Emotion Recognition API to collect the facial emotion information and questionnaire with widgets to reinforce the results (JavaScript)

  • Creating documentation for the further research and conducting experiments

August 2019 - September 2019

Data Input Operator

  • Adding new products to the database

  • Customer service

  • Creating, maintainance and use of Python scripts to automate Server, pricing and customer service.

  • Sales management

October 2018 - June 2019


BSc Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

University of Sheffield

First Year Modules:

  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Foundations of Computer Science
  • Java Programming
  • Machines and Intelligence
  • Cognitive Psychology I
  • Web and Internet Technology
  • Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures

Second Year Modules:

  • Logics in Computer Science
  • Robotics
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Automata, Computation and Complexity

Third Year Modules:

  • Text Processing
  • Speech Processing
  • Adaptive Intelligence
  • Dissertation
  • Bioinspired Computing
  • Modelling and Simulation of Natural Systems
  • Finance and Law for Engineers
September 2018 - June 2021

Computer Science(Semester Abroad)

University of Hong Kong


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Functional programming
  • Introduction to database management systems
  • Statistical learning
September 2019 - January 2020


  • Python
  • R
  • Tableau
  • Java
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Haskell
  • Ruby


  • Anaconda
  • Jupyter Notebook & Google Colab
  • Visual Studio
  • R Studio
  • Spyder
  • Eclipse


My articles published on Medium are mainly about the basics of machine learning helping readers to understand and grasp concepts and differences of this technology.

Articles will be published soon.


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Project 1: Sorting Algorithms

I decided to create a simple program in Python, which is able to sort an array given by the user, by on of the four sorting algorithms: Quick Sort, Insertion Sort, Merge Sort and Selection Sort.

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Project 2: Clustering

My projects and excersing from Clustering

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Project 3: Regression

Simple Linear Regession and Polynomial Regression

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Project 4: Natural Language Processing

My projects tries to estimate if the restaurant review is positive and negative.

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Project 5: Convolutional Neural Network

Artificial Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks

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My interests revolve around the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. However I still haven't decided what will be the ultimate path I take. In my free time I enjoy programming, reading books about the psychology, economy and travelling.

I would like to learn in the future:

  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Quantum Machine Learning
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Generative Adversarial Networks